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Vladimir Samsonov

Самсонов Владимир Анатольевич

1936 - profile: Ru, En


Samsonov was one of the most inventive animation makers that worked at Ekran. He kept renewing and reinventing himself. He graduated in 1968 from the VGIK film school under professor Ivan Ivanov-Vano, as animation director. Since 1967 he had already been assistant director at Soyuzmultfilm. He directed 4 animations there beginning in 1971, of which Me and Jack (1973) and In the 30th century (1972) were quite remarkable. In 1975, as more and more young directors and art directors were doing, he stepped over to Ekran. In 1980 he started experimenting with the use of oil paint in animation, years before Aleksandr Petrov and the Sverdlovsk (A Film) studio began using the paint-on-glass technique, which built upon what Samsonov had started, by translating it to a stop motion glass-plate technique. In his later years Samsonov then stopped with oil paints. In his oil paint period, though, he had also made a multitude of mini-animations of 2, 3 minutes mostly. He went on with making headbands for several TV shows, and 2 collections of mini-animations. 32 december (1988) was still somewhat influenced by his mini-animation period of before. But it was the start of a new period of, on the one hand, musicals made with modern music, but also his art style became quite modernist in style, as did the themes of what the animations were about from this period onward. Alas for Samsonov, the closing of the Ekran studio a few years later (1993-1995) meant the end for his career, not long before his 60th birthday. His 30 years of employment for the studio gave him the choice (the right) to officially retire at the time.


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