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Yulian Kalisher

Калишер Юлиан Абрамович

1935 - 2007 profile: Ru, En


Educated as a theatre puppet director, Yulian Kalisher worked in Tashkent until his wife perished during the big Tashkent earthquake of 1966, after which he came to Moscow. After having worked at the Central State Puppet Theater he started working at Ekran (the main Soviet/Russian TV animation studio) in 1972, first as puppet theater film maker, then in 1974 as animation director. He developed quite a unique style: sophisticated, intellectual, absurd, with frequent oriental/Persian influences. All his career he experimented with broadening the possibilities of stop motion animation. In art-director Lyudmila Tanasenko, with whom he worked from 1979 onward, he found an ideal experimentation partner. His animations from the second half of the eighties onward would take on a more and more complex and arthousy character.


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