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Lidiya Surikova

Сурикова Лидия Викторовна

1941 - profile: Ru, En


Born on 10 September 1941, Lidiya Surikova was employed by Russian TV since 1966, before the Ekran studio there was founded. Her task was to prepare the set for recording puppet-plays for TV, and be assistant to the director. Because of that, she was able to combine work and study, and study for Theater Puppet Director at the theater school from 1967 until she graduated in 1975. With the founding of Ekran in 1969, Russian TV stepped over from puppet theater registrations to (stop motion) puppet animation within a few years. She was taken along in that process by two co-directors - Yuriy Klepatskiy (1975-76) and Leonid Aristov (1978). She made her last puppet-theater film (Little Silk Brush, 1977) in between, and from then on made only puppet and cut-out animation. Throughout her career, she integrated traditional folk art into her work. How Brave Ivan Saved the Tsar's Daughter is one of her last works in that genre.

A peculiarity in her career is that when the Ekran studio closed down in 1993, she remained employed until 1996 because, unlike most of her Ekran colleagues, she was directly employed by the Russian TV organisation, so she, and Marianna Novogrudskaya for a similar reason, could continue making puppet animations until she reached her retirement age in 1996.


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