Ott in Space (Ott kosmoses, 1961) by Elbert Tuganov

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Ott in Space
Ott in the Cosmos
Ott kosmoses
Отть в космосе
Ott kosmoses (et)
Ott v kosmosye (ru)

Year 1961
Director(s) Tuganov Elbert
Studio(s) Tallinnfilm
Language(s) Estonian
Genre(s) Comedy
Sci-fi & space
Animation Type(s)  Live-action
Length 00:20:37
Wordiness 5.33 profile Ru, En
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Date: November 23 2022 18:43:21
Language: English
Quality: good
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Date: December 22 2017 04:22:15
Language: Russian
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The little boy Ott accidentally ends up on a rocket going out into space, and discovers that there are consequences to not studying his school work.

Inspired by Yuriy Gagarin's 1961 pioneering space flight, this story of a D-student's adventures in outer space reportedly became popular not just in the USSR but also beyond its borders.

The rocket's launches were filmed in live action with a model rocket.

It was originally released in Estonian and also in Russian (with the dialogues and title/credits translated, but not the Estonian texts in the film itself). The video above is actually a mixture of the Estonian image with the Russian dub (the version with the Russian credits can be seen here, but the image quality is much worse).

1963 - I festival of films of aeronautics and astronautics in Deauville (France)
1964 - I All-Union Film Festival (Leningrad): 1st prize for cartoons




This is a pretty silly film. The Flight to the Moon from 8 years earlier shows spaceflight way more realistically. But I think maybe the Estonians just liked portraying space in a very silly way - all of their sci-fis that I've seen so far are kind of like this.


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