Forward March, Time! (Вперёд, время!, 1977) by Vladimir Tarasov

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Forward March, Time!
Вперёд, время!
Vperyod, vremya! (ru)
Vpøed, èase! (cs)

Year 1977
Director(s) Tarasov Vladimir
Studio(s) Soyuzmultfilm
Language(s) Russian
Genre(s) Biography
Literature (Rus./East Slavic)
Sci-fi & space
War & battles
Animation Type(s)  Cutout
Drawn (cel)
Length 00:18:37
Wordiness 13.37 profile Ru, En
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A past, present and speculative future history of the Soviet Union inspired by the verse of revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.

This is both a very personal artistic vision by director Vladimir Tarasov and the autobiography of a society that no longer exists at a time when it was feeling supremely confident.

A good English-language review/critical analysis of the film can be found at PanEurasian.

The first video above is in the original theatrical frame rate (24fps), while the second is in the TV frame rate (25fps).

The literary sources are as follows (timings are for the 25fps English or Russian subtitles, links go to the original Russian versions of the texts):

0:00 & 7:36 - Mayakovsky's 1930 poem "At the Top of My Voice" (eng).
The lyrics of "Forward March, Time!" song that appears periodically are from Act 6 of Mayakovsky's play "The Bathhouse".
At 3:17 - "The Heart, a Ditty of Prayers" (Oct 1918) by fellow revolutionary poet Shershenevich.
At 4:10 - Igor Severyanin's 1912 poem "Epilogue".
At 4:32 & 7:05 Mayakovsky's 1915 poem "A Cloud In Trousers" (eng1, eng2).
At 5:04 - Mayakovsky's 1924 poem "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin" (eng - PDF, p.175).
At 5:19 - Tsar Nicholas II's proclamation of 17 October 1905 following the suppression of the revolutionary riots (original document, heavily abbreviated version with modern spelling, version with old spelling but modern orthography) (eng - translation of the short version).
At 6:38 - Mayakovsky's 1919 poem "150,000,000".
At 7:22 - Vladimir Lenin's proclamation on the morning of the October 25, 1917 revolution (eng).
At 8:12 - Mayakovsky's poem #18 from his 1927 collection "All Right!", about the October Revolution.
Ат 8:52 - Mayakovsky's 1925 poem "Back Home" (eng).
At 10:28 - Mayakovsky's 1926 poem "To comrade Nette — steamer and man" (eng).
At 11:32 - Mayakovsky's poem #1 from his 1927 collection "All Right!".
At 12:04 - Mayakovsky's poem "Faith" from his 1923 collection "About That".



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