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Subtitles for The Enchanted Boy (1955)

March 17 2021 15:06:30
Created by Eus, Niffiwan
Zakoldovannyy ⭳
Quality: ok

Based on the timings in the Russian subs. Originally created by Eus in 2012, edited by Niffiwan in March 2021. They should be generally good now, although there may be a few mistakes remaining. Potential things to further improve: make better translations of the songs, check the English text of the original story to see if certain parts should be phrased in a similar way, possibly correct some name spellings (for example, Akka Knebekayze was originally Akka Kebnekaise, but the first few letters got mixed up in the Russian version and her name is not actually spoken in the Swedish way).

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