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Subtitles for Little Gray Neck (1948)

April 20 2022 04:23:48
Created by Eus, Macmillan Films, Niffiwan
Seraya ⭳
Quality: good

The original subtitles from 2012 (either made or found by Eus) were corrected by Niffiwan in Apr 2022 on the basis of the 1950s English dub in the film (which was actually fairly competently done). The creator of that 1950s translation is unknown - perhaps someone at Macmillan Films, or else Official Films (the earliest mention of the dub of this film seems to come from January 1951).

The 1950s version wasn't used when it disagreed too strongly with the Russian version, with one exception: line 71 - "He's hard of hearing. He makes you repeat things a dozen times." In Russian, the final sentence is "that's why we call him gluhar'". Gluhar' is the Russian word for "wood grouse", and it has the same root as the Russian word for "deaf". There didn't seem any way to smoothly translate the original "pun" into English, so the 1950s version was kept; something entirely different that still fits the template of "mildly amusing comment made by the bunny".

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