Stray + Stray (Дворняга + дворняга, 1989) by Deli Batyrova

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Stray + Stray
Дворняга + дворняга
Dvornyaga plyus dvornyaga (ru)
Помияр + помияр (bg)
Hoov + hoov (et)

Year 1989
Director(s) Batyrova Deli
Studio(s) Uzbekfilm
Language(s) (wordless)
Genre(s) Misc.
Animation Type(s)  Puppet
Length 00:09:36
Wordiness 2.25 profile Ru, En
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Dvornyaga plyus
Date: November 14 2022 22:36:10
Language: English
Quality: good
Upload notes: 59 characters long (view)
Creator(s): Niffiwan

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The adventures of two dogs. Featuring five stories: "Fence", "Cliff", "Doghouse", "Fetch", "Freedom".

Scanned from 35mm film on Dec 2021 by the RuTracker animation scanning project. Previously, there was a poor-quality video online since 2019, which is the second video above (it also has a defect: at the 6.5-minute mark, there is a minute of no sound).



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