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Subtitles for The Rabbit from the Cabbage Garden (2006)

October 25 2021 04:46:16
Created by Agape, Niffiwan
Krolik s kapustnogo ⭳
Quality: unknown

These are the Russian subtitles created to be used by Eus for his original English translation of the film in 2011. As such, they included some English-language notes specifically for the translation effort.

In 2021, they were edited to remove the notes (you can see the "History" if you want the old version). Instead, here are the notes, separated from the text:

00:01:14,803 --> 00:01:17,705
Окажи даме услугу, мы же здесь на птичьих правах.
The idiom "на птичьих правах" means "without any right or authorization" (literally, "have the same legal rights as birds")

00:01:42,394 --> 00:01:43,966
У меня своих проблем...<implied - "У меня своих проблем хватает">

00:02:06,353 --> 00:02:08,194
Ква-квапусте.<Sorta pun. Ква is an imitation of a frog's croak, so "croak-croak-kraut" maybe, i dunno :D>

00:10:42,387 --> 00:10:44,389
Эй, девушка! <Девушка in Russian also used as an address, so "Hey, Miss" is more proper translation than literal "Hey, Girl"

00:10:52,262 --> 00:10:55,741
Нет, меня зовут Красноглазка. <"Red Eyed">

00:10:56,034 --> 00:10:57,799
<Another wordplay: красный means "red", ПРЕкрасный means "beautiful">

00:11:11,998 --> 00:11:16,760
Помните, у Пастернака: «Жизнь прожить — не поле перейти».
<Boris Pasternak was a poet, and the quote is from his famous poem called "Hamlet", it's a Russian proverb actually. There are several poem translations on the net. How about "Life is not a walk across a field"? Nice rhythm :)>

00:11:20,779 --> 00:11:22,574
Пастернак не растёт.
<Gee, here's another one. "Pasternak" is a Russian name for parsnip>

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