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Subtitles for Choo-choo-2 (2001)

June 10 2022 22:22:50
Created by Alex Dihes, Niffiwan ⭳
Quality: good

Subtitles & translation by Niffiwan, except for the "Captain" song, which was translated by Alex Dihes. His translation is slightly modified here, e.g. "Cheer up, sir" is changed to "Get a grip, sir"; both are possible translations of the Russian phrase, but the second better matches the action on the screen.

Some of the radio narration couldn't be made out, as there are other noises covering it up, but it's not very important in any case (it's really background noise).

In the song of the nautical geese, "Maina" and "virar" are common Russian ship commands meaning to "lower" and "raise" cargo, respectively, that come from Italian. A discussion of the etymology can be found here.

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