The Lame Foal (Ақсақ құлан, 1968) by Amen Haydarov

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The Lame Foal
Ақсақ құлан
Aksak Kulan (kk)
Хромой Кулан (ru)

Year 1968
Director(s) Haydarov Amen
Studio(s) Kazakhfilm
Language(s) Kazakh
Genre(s) Folklore & myth (Rus./USSR minorities)
Animation Type(s)  Drawn (cel)
Length 00:09:37
Wordiness 0.94 profile Ru, En
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Genghis Khan's son sneaks off to hunt, and tragedy follows. An early cartoon from Kazakhstan.

The story of the famous Aksak Kulan ash is as follows:

Genghis Khan's son Coçi (in Kazakh Turkish: Joşixan, generally referred to as Cuci in Turkish literature) was very keen on hunting. For this reason, Genghis Khan forbade his son to go hunting. But one day, Coçi went hunting secretly from his father and followed a flock of kulan. He injured the ear that went in front of the pack, and that's why it started to limp. That injured limping ear kicked Coçi and killed him.

When Genghis Khan saw that his son did not return, he became suspicious and ordered that a lead be poured into the ear of the one who brought bad news. Of course, after this order, no one could take the bad news, and according to some sources, the great Kazakh poet Ketbuga Baba was responsible for delivering this news. When Ketbuga Baba came to Genghis Khan's presence to give the dark news, there he took his dombra and began to play an unspoken instrument. This was the Aksak Kulan ash. Genghis Khan listened to this song carefully and realized that his son Coçi had died from the feeling of this instrument. And after the news became known, it came to enforcing the law. Genghis Khan ordered lead poured into Ketbuga Baba's ear. But the horse's feet will be short, the bard's tongue will be agile, Ketbuga Baba objected by saying:
No! I did not tell you this news, it is the dombra who told you.

After that, molten hot lead was poured through the hole in the dombra's chest.



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