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Aida Zyablikova

Зябликова Аида Петровна

1940 - profile: Ru, En


From 1958-63, Zyablikova studied at the Yaroslavl Art School, where she remained as a teacher and taught painting from 1963 till 1967. In 1967-73, she was enrolled in ​​the course for animators at VGIK Film School. From 1971 she worked as an animator at Soyuzmultfilm, and in 1974 she moved over to "Ekran", the tv animation studio, where in 1978 she started working as director.

She worked at Ekran until 1993, shortly before the studio closed, and made 20 animated films in total there. She helmed several series, of which her adaptation of Tove Jansson's Moomintroll was the first. The series she was best known for in those years was "Kuzya the House Elf" (1984-1987), but an underappreciated great achievement was "Tell us a Story, Doctor" (1988), about the world-famous Polish pedagogue, children's book writer and holocaust victum Janush Korshak and his Jewish "Dom Sirotka" - a unique Orphanage. Unlike so many of her Ekran colleagues, she went on to have a flourishing animation director's career after 1993.

In 1993-2002, at the Christmas Films studio, she worked on Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (Taming of the shrew (1993) (see YouTube playlist, and in the description, the Vimeo links to the 4 episodes not on YouYube), "Joseph" from "The Bible" animated series (1996) (BAFTA Nominee) and the 3-part "Canterbury Tales" (1998-2000), which won her a BAFTA award and an Oscar nomination (both on this playlist) Since 2003, she has been teaching at VGIK (Film University). She starred in the documentary series "Dolls in the World of People" ("Script for Pinocchio" series, 2005) and directed her final two animated films at Soyuzmultfilm with "The Rabbit from the Cabbage Garden" (2006) and "The Menu" (2007), both of which also won awards.

In 2014, she was awarded with the title Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.


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